Love’s force shall never fail, Its span can reach the pits of hell. The depth of this grave pays no match, no one doomed will and have fell. But as sad as to say love has darkness as well. Darkness that falls on every lover; From husband to wife not as sister to brother. There is where the shadows of what if lye. There is the blackness of jealousy and hard goodbyes. … Unrequited love is frightful, especially tearing if of One’s love Another is rightful. Then there is the love that cares, that needs so very much, The kind of love when there needs to be sight and touch. Whenever there isn’t contact to the full, in creeps the dark side of love. In comes the fat black dove. Because of this creature this animosity, there is doubt of faith. Doubt that in you, their love remains. … Be not jealous and be not untrue; Keep faith in all that you do. For there is nothing better–for there is nothing worse– Than loves force of Blessing. Than loves force of curse.

Actually a poem I wrote called Loves Force. Copyright >.<

Love’s force sh…


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