If this be the end, let it be for the sake of your contentment.
NOT on behalf of my soul shall you decide…. for you would have no say- …in which the say is entirely yours…
Because if so only from me to you, love is evident
I cannot deny :
the hope I had for our future, or the fact that our future is set
If you do not refuse this, then there the dreams still stands… Never to be forgotten and likewise never to forget…
For, if it is the same… the same dream, the same hope, and the same love…then and only then shall we meet again.
When we meet there should be openness, vigor and strength-
Correction, if we meet, because it is still chanced whether or not we are fated
..But to think…
Since we were mated…
The decision…
Was never mine to make in the first place…

The Decision- an original poem


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