To Blog or Not to Blog. That’s a good question…

Now I have a journal that I write in pretty much every day, but blogging, now that’s different. My journal holds my deep dark thoughts, my nuisance irritations and those things that no one (well almost no one) knows about me. Those are things I wouldn’t really ever think about blogging because everyone would figure out I’m nutzoid O_O . But hey, why not blog about the things everyone already can see. My instagram is linked to my page here so you all can see what I see–or at least what I take pictures of. Now I should let you guys behind the scenes… creativity is the key. The key to difference, change, love and passion. 

                                                 Saddle up cause you’re in for a ride. Bumpy? Might be a little more or less than you’re used to. Exciting? Depends on what you like to see. Random? Ohhhhhhh yes. But its worth the ride to see something exciting right? To feel something novel about something new? …


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